Minimalist hand made One Of A Kind Gemstone and Botanical Jewelry, Animal Jewelry, Nature and Elemental Inspired Jewelry, Love Of Nature Jewelry, Love Of Animals Jewelry.

Hello welcome,
My Name is Nicole and I make unique one of a kind nature inspired jewelry out of many different natural materials to make unique pieces. My jewelry is mixed media because I can't choose just one material to work with.

Growing up in Colorado gave me a love for nature and wildlife, I am a mountain girl at heart.

Sweetellabella is the nickname of my 14-year-old Daughter. I started making jewelry and photography not long after my daughter was born. My Educational background is in Veterinary Nursing and I worked in that field with Veterinary Anesthesia as my main focus for many years. Animal advocacy, health, and love have been a huge part of my life. Spirit Animals and the symbolism of animals across all cultures are a huge interest of mine.

We are a military family that tends to move quite often, so we get to see so many new places. I am a Colorado native currently living in Virginia with my hubby, daughter, and 2 dogs.